Welcome to Las Vegas


Welcome to Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the World! Whether you're here for a well-earned vacation or just squeezing in the sights and sounds between meetings, you'll want to make the most of every moment! Where should you start? 

What "must sees" should be on your agenda? There is much more to Las Vegas than just the strip! The entire valley offers fun and excitement as well as the natural beauty of the desert. Have you ever seen a desert sunset?The following guide will acquaint you with Las Vegas and help you make the most of your visit.

Libations and Cannabis

Las Vegas has some of the most liberal laws in the county for those over 21. There are NO closing hours for liquor sales or consumption of alcohol or cannabis. In fact, many bars are open 24 hours. Even though the laws are liberal, the penalties for drunk driving are tough. If you're drinking, please be sure to hand someone else the car keys! 

Money Matters

Bank Cards - If you've missed the mark on your vacation budget, or made one too many passes at the tables, you will find ready access to cash at automated teller machines. In-casino cash and ATM systems in the casinos are a part of the Instant Teller, Star PLUS and CIRRUS networks. These ATMs also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for a $1-$5 service charge. Western Union, are also located in almost every hotel. Call 800-325-6000 for a nearby location.


Nearly all hotels have their own large parking lots or garages where visitors can park for a charge. In addition, most hotels provide valet service for a larger charge. Drive up to the entrance, hand your keys to the valet, and step right into the lobby.


Because Las Vegas is a resort destination, tipping is an important part of the economy. During your trip, you'll run into many people who will add to your comfort. Sometimes it can be confusing wondering when and how much to tip. Of course, leaving a gratuity is always a personal matter; but, when in doubt, it is a good idea to give a couple bucks to anyone who provides a service to you. Here are some helpful tipping guidelines for most of the situations you'll encounter:

Casinos - If you get lucky while playing the slot or video poker machines it is good to give a couple of bucks to the change person (especially if he or she pointed you to the winning machine) and to the change cashier. For dealers at the table games, the custom is a little different. Either tip them a few chips before you leave the tables or place a bet for them when you are winning. It is also nice to tip the keno writers/runners a few bucks if you are playing for a long time. 

One perk of gambling is that drinks are free at most casinos.... So be sure to give the cocktail waitress $1-$2 each time she brings you a refreshing beverage. Bartenders generally get $1-$2 a drink. For a round of drinks (for four people or more) add a few more dollars.

Hotels - Bellmen and doormen customarily receive $1-$2 for each bag they handle for you. Hotel maids and housekeepers traditionally get $1-$2 a day at the end of your visit. Pool attendants should get $1-$2 for bringing you towels or finding you a lounge chair. Room-service attendants tend to appreciate the standard 15%-20% (be sure to look at the bill first because at some hotels it is already added.) Washroom attendants also appreciate $.50 or $1 for their helpful service. Here's something you may not know. When you check into a hotel, the first person who greets you is the front desk clerk. It's amazing how you can get that great view room or special request granted much easier by remembering to tip them. Although it's their job to make you stay wonderful, it never hurts to say thank you.

Showrooms - Many showrooms now sell reserved tickets - meaning that you purchase them in advance and are given assigned seats. These tickets often included the tip in the price, but check first to be sure. Even with a reserved seat, you should give the usher a tip especially if the tickets are comps or you are moved to a better seat. In showrooms that specifically use maitre d's, a tip of $5-$20 will improve your seating. Showroom waiters should receive $5-$10 for cocktail service or $10-$20 for dinner service for parties of four people.

Restaurants/Buffets - Waiters and waitress expect the appreciate 15%-20% tip for a good service. Buffet servers usually receive $1-$2 per head when they get your drinks.


Taxi drivers are given $1-$2 for a fare below $10. If the total is higher and the driver is friendly and helps with your luggage, a 15%-20% tip is proper. Limousine drivers should be tipped 15%-20% for their service. It is also nice to tip tour guides and bus drivers at the end of a trip. For valet parking attendants, $1-$2 is standard for quick service. And don't forget to give skycaps $1-$2 per bag.